Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular and regular advertising methods. Sometimes affiliate marketing is overlooked by most of the advertisers. But it has a significant impact on generating the traffic on respective websites.Affiliate marketing is an essential part of e-marketing. It basically serves the merchants who wish to advertise their products or services. Our experienced and talented team always works towards enhancing your business’s productivity by increasing visibility of your website in each and every available platform.

We follow unique affiliate marketing methodology!

  • Initially we analyze client’s requirements then develop suitable affiliate marketing strategy.
  • Identify potential publishers and subscribe the opportunity.
  • Weekly progress reports are maintained on affiliate marketing.
  • Personalized resources are used to acquire new affiliates.
  • Sincere monitoring activities are performed on affiliate networks so that it can be prevented from any frauds.

Affiliate marketing is also termed as pay per performance. It is one of the cost effective method that acquire network of websites whose aim is to attract targeted customers.

An overview on affiliate marketing website’s!
There is a vast category of affiliate websites that are categorized by affiliate networks. Some of the generic based affiliate websites are:

  • Reward system providing websites.
  • Sales promotion focused websites.
  • Web syndication feeds.
  • Websites that focused on niche market.
  • Product review sites.
  • Shopping directories and comparison shopping websites.
  • Pay per impression search engines.

Payment plan in affiliate marketing
1. Pay per sale or cost per sale
It works on simple rule. When any product or service has been purchased then only merchant will pay for an affiliate.

2. Pay per click or PPC
This method allows you to pay on the basis of per clicks on the links that are published on keyword related websites. Even we have different modes to acquire PPC.

3. Pay per lead
In pay per lead payment mode merchants pay as per lead generation. Here leads are defined as process when any visitor come to website and fill the requested information that is used in future by merchant as sales lead. So if you are looking for cost effective method in internet marketing then you are at right place.